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Making better beer

I moved to Poland in 2010 and found myself living in a country where the beer market was dominated by large global corporations selling mass-produced lagers. This was not a good situation for me, because I wanted to drink ‘real ale’.

Real ale is full of micro-nutrients and is the freshest form of craft beer.

I was faced with 2 options; to leave Poland, or produce beer myself. I opted for the latter. Why?

This was important to me because I care about what my body consumes, and there is a big difference in the nutritional value of real ale compared to cheaper, mass-produced lagers.

If I was to stay in Poland, I would need to find a different, healthier beer to drink. But rather than just produce beer at home for myself, I thought why not brew a lot more and offer the same choice to others.

But I knew nothing about starting a business in Poland. I couldn’t speak the language. I had no knowledge of local regulations. I had no way of knowing if the beer that I loved would be popular.

I knew what good, natural beer should taste like.
The Reason ‘Why’
What I did have was a reason ‘Why?’

There had to be a better way. There had to be a healthier way to drink in Poland. There had to be ‘real ale’.

It did not take me long to meet amazing people who felt the same as me.

We started an adventure together and became brewing pioneers, introducing the first real ale to Poland. We had taken a different path. Nobody in Poland had produced traditional real ale before.

From day one, our customers also understood why we were here. To make hand-crafted, natural real ales.

We had a clear and simple purpose – to make better beer, without compromise.
Life is an adventure and should be enjoyed… just like good beer.

If you are in Krakow you can taste the difference for yourself at our T.E.A. Time Brewpub.


Real ale is full of micro-nutrients and is produced from natural ingredients without chemicals.

The problem was there was no real ale available in Poland. So we made it happen.